About Us

We are a Vienna based studio for contemporary everyday products. 


We work with some of the best manufacturers in Europe and in LA. 


We choose our materials very carefully - in terms of sustainability, quality and suitability for our products. 


Usually our products would have to be luxury goods. Through direct sales we skip the middlemen in order to make them as affordable as possible.


Several different organisations carry out checks to certify organic cotton. We have chosen organic cotton grown by bioRe in India and Tanzania as the most suitable for our T-Shirts and Sweatshirts. bioRe cotton is grown without agricultural chemicals or chemical fertilisers through a social project that supports independence for farmers in disadvantaged communities. Their corporate philosophy: ‘Treating mankind and nature with respect is the key to sustained economic success’.

The bioRe project is driven by the following five principles: 

1.Organic Farming Promoting well managed organic farming methods

2.Fairness Paying a premium and providing dignified conditions for workers

3.Ecology Eliminating substances that are harmful to the environment

4.Transparency Commitment to full traceability through the whole manufacturing process and disclosure of business management

5.Innovation Promoting environmental protection and reduction in CO2 emissions through use of biogas and other means

For more information, visit: bioRe Standard


We are also a digital agency